Measures to prevent the spread of rabies in N.B. to be conducted this summer

Measures to prevent and control the spread of rabies will take place this summer in Fredericton, Saint John, and other communities in western and southern New Brunswick.

Dr. Jim Goltz, the manager of the veterinary laboratory and pathology services, says vaccine baits, contained in small capsules, will be distributed by hand in areas frequented by raccoons and skunks. 

He says the baits vaccinate wildlife when ingested, adding it's the most effective way to prevent the spread of rabies. 

Hand distribution of the vaccine, which will occur in green spaces, parks, hedges, and wooded areas, is set to begin in July, while aerial distribution will take place in mid-August. 

Government advises the public to keep a close eye on pets during the campaign to make sure they don't eat the bait. 

The province also says anyone who is bitten or scratched by a rabid animal should wash the wound thoroughly with warm water and soap and seek immediate medical attention.