Medical society's position on Medavie move sparks backlash from Vitalité

The Vitalité Health Network is questioning why the New Brunswick Medical Society supports outsourcing the province's extra-mural and Tele-Care programs.

The society said last week that allowing Medavie Health Services, which already operates the province's ambulance services, to take over management of the programs is "worth trying".

Dr. Dharm Singh said the status quo isn't working, adding that the province "cannot be timid" about trying new approaches to provide services.

But Vitalité says it appears many doctors were not consulted by the society that's supposed to represent them.

The chair of Vitalité's regional medical advisory committee, which represents all of the network's doctors, said in a statement Monday that they were not consulted.

The president of the medical and dental staff at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre also confirmed that he had not been consulted.

Gilles Lanteigne, president and CEO of Vitalité, said it's ironic that the society is demanding transparency from Medavie when it can't do the same with its own members.