More than 15,000 NB property owners appeal tax bills

Property owners who contested their tax assessment in New Brunswick this year have swamped Service New Brunswick and may have to wait as long as next year for a review of their case.

Over 15-thousand property owners have filed for reviews, that's a 90 per cent increase over the number who contested their tax bills last year.

In a release sent out Tuesday afternoon, Service New Brunswick expects the process to complete the requests for review will extend into late 2017 and early 2018.

In the legislature Tuesday, the official opposition PC’s called on Premier Brian Gallant to resign over the controversy.

CTV News reports the resignation calls were coupled with election talk and the Tories say they want Gallant to let the public have a say about the Government's handling of the property tax errors.

New Brunswick has a fixed election date of September 24, 2018, but Opposition leader, Blaine Higgs is challenging the Premier to call an election before that date.