Most Fredericton residents support red-light cameras: poll

A new poll finds most Fredericton residents support the installation of red-light cameras to prevent speeding and running red lights.

The Corporate Research Associates survey finds more than three-quarters of people (77 per cent) completely or mostly support the cameras.

Two in ten said they oppose installing such devices, and two per cent did not know or did not offer an opinion.

City council has recently discussed installing red-light cameras at the city's most dangerous intersections.

But there's one problem — red-light cameras are not currently allowed under the province's Motor Vehicle Act.

City council expresses support for red-light cameras

Fredericton councillors voted in July to ask the province to amend the act to give cities the right to use the cameras.

Coun. Stephen Chase said in a previous interview with CTV Atlantic that the cameras would capture the licence plate of the car that's gone through the intersection, and the owner would be sent a ticket.

The cameras would cost around $200,000 per intersection.

Corporate Research Associates surveyed 400 Fredericton adults by telephone between July 21 and Aug. 6, and the results are accurate to within ±4.9 percentage points, 95 times out of 100.

With files from CTV Atlantic