Mother bear euthanized after being deemed safety risk

A mother bear has been euthanized after being deemed a safety risk to residents in the Parkwood Heights subdivision in Bathurst.  

The Northern Light reports the bear was euthanized on Monday, while two of her three cubs were trapped and taken to the Atlantic Wildlife Institute. 

The third cub still hadn't been located as of Friday. 

Jean Bertin, the communications officer for the Department of Energy and Resource Development, tells the Northern Light in an email that the bear was a recurring problem and posed a safety risk. 

He says euthanizing an animal is always the last recourse taken. 

Earlier this week, Sheri Harvey said she's had problems with bears visiting her Parkwood Heights subdivision property for years, but that over the last four summers it had gotten worse.

She said the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had most recently set a trap near the neighbourhood's elementary school in an effort to catch the bears.

Harvey also said the City of Bathurst needs to do its part by collecting garbage each week during warmer months.

Meanwhile, DNR says there are several ways to minimize bears trespassing on properties, including washing garbage cans regularly, rinsing food cans and wrappers before disposal, and avoiding leaving pet food outside.  

~ With files from The Northern Light and Kevin White. 

Submitted: Sheri Harvey