Mountie recalls confused response to Moncton massacre at RCMP Labour Code trial

A Mountie remembered standing alone in a school parking lot ``waiting to be shot again'' after being caught in the crossfire of Justin Bourque's shooting rampage.

Const. Martine Benoit told the RCMP's Labour Code trial Wednesday that she couldn't recall anyone being in charge as confused officers scrambled to respond to the June 2014 Moncton massacre that left three Mounties dead and two others wounded.

Benoit told Moncton provincial court that smoke billowed from her engine as Bourque fired multiple rounds into her police cruiser.

She testified that another officer, Const. Eric Dubois, came to her aid and they took cover behind his car. 

Benoit recalled seeing blood run down Dubois' arm as he was shot while popping up to get a better eye on Bourque.

Four responding RCMP officers who testified Tuesday described a hectic, tragic scene, with one officer locking eyes with Bourque as he aimed a rifle toward him, and a lack of police firepower and training.

The RCMP is accused of failing to provide members and supervisors with the appropriate information, instruction, equipment and training in an active-shooter event.