N.B. government introduces the legislative framework for recreational cannabis use

The provincial government has formally introduced the legislative framework for the recreational use of cannabis in the province once it's legalized by the federal government.

The framework includes three new acts and amendments to two existing acts, most of which has already been announced.

Finance Minister Cathy Rogers says government is now in full implementation mode in preparation for the July 2018 deadline and the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Amendments to the Liquor Corporation Act would allow NB Liquor to operate recreational cannabis retail operations through a subsidiary, while changes to the Motor Vehicle Act establish a drug-impaired driving program.

The new Cannabis Control Act would establish the legal age for the purchase, consumption and cultivation of recreational cannabis at 19, and outline other general restrictions, while the new Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act is aimed at supporting research and the development, as well as education and awareness programs.

The other new act establishes the Cannabis Management Corporation, which is charged with the oversight, organization, conduct, management, and control of retail sales of recreational-use cannabis.