N.B. man unhurt after plane crashes into trees

A New Brunswick man whose ultra-light plane crashed while he was trying to take off says he has no plans to stay grounded.

Doug Desruisseau said he decided to take his two-seater plane, known as a Beaver, for a ride around 2 p.m. Friday.

Desruisseau said as he tried to lift off from his runway next to his Belleisle Creek home, something went wrong.

"The front ski [on the plane] caught something in the snow, veered me off to the left, and took me right towards the woods," Desruisseau told our newsroom on Saturday morning.

"I tried to avoid the trees, but the left wing just clipped one of the trees and when it did, it kind of twirled me around and put me into another tree."

After the aircraft came to a stop, Desruisseau said his first thought was just to get out.

"I wasn't hurt or anything," he said. "The cockpit wasn't smashed in or anything. I was quite okay."

Desruisseau, whose been flying for about 10 years, was taken to hospital in nearby Saint John to be checked out.

Despite the Friday afternoon incident, which destroyed the plane, Desruisseau said he plans to continue flying his second plane.

"I still love flying," he said. "It was an accident. You could have an accident with a car... that doesn't mean you don't drive anymore, right?"

RCMP Const. Hans Ouellette told our newsroom Saturday morning that he does not believe there was any criminal activity involved.

Ouellette said the Transportation Safety Board will not be investigating due to the size of the aircraft, and because no one was hurt.

By Brad Perry – brad.perry@bellmedia.ca