N.B. unemployment rate rises in December

New Brunswick's unemployment rate is up as more people enter the labour force in search of work.

Statistics Canada says the province's unemployment rate climbed to 9.4 per cent in December from 8.7 per cent in November.

The province gained 1,400 full-time jobs and lost 700 part-time positions in December.

But the labour force grew by 3,400 people, and the number of people searching for work rose by 2,800.

Year-over-year, the gain of 4,500 part-time jobs in New Brunswick was offset by a loss of 2,300 full-time positions.

Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate increased by 0.1 percentage points in December to 6.9 per cent as more people entered the labour market.

By Brad Perry – brad.perry@bellmedia.ca