NB family among passengers when planes collided at Pearson

The Transportation Safety Board's investigation into a collision between two planes in Toronto will examine whether a major airline followed its own protocols.
A spokesperson for the T-S-B says ``evacuation procedures'' will be one element of the agency's probe into the incident at Pearson airport Friday night.
Officials say an empty Sunwing plane that was being towed struck a WestJet aircraft carrying 168 passengers and six crew.
WestJet says everyone was safely evacuated, but passengers have offered accounts of confusion on board the plane. 

A Moncton couple says the incident was terrifying for passengers onboard.

Jason Mallet tells the Daily Gleaner that he and his wife were returning from a vacation in Mexico at the time.

He said at first, passengers made jokes about the incident, but the tone quickly changed to one of panic when the Sunwing plane caught fire.

Mallet says the nerve-wracking incident won't deter him from flying again. He and his family are back home now.