Need for speed in Fredericton

Secret cameras installed at two intersections in Fredericton show that drivers have a serious speeding problem.

For about two days in the fall of 2015, the city set up the cameras at the intersections of Regent and Brunswick streets and at Westmorland and Queen streets.

Stephen Chase chairs the city's Public Safety and Environment Committee and also supports the permanent use of red-light camers.

Chase tells The Daily Gleaner that the city has a serious problem with drivers running red lights.

No tickets were issued, but the tapes were given to the University of British Columbia for review, and the findings were recently handed over to the city.

The camera at Regent and Brunswick streets showed out of the 12,500 vehicles that passing through, 17 ran a red-light and over 2,100 were speeding.

The camera at Westmorland and Queen streets saw 17,800 vehicles pass through, with 15 running the red and more than 2,300 speeding.

Most cities across Canada use red-light cameras, but the Motor Vehicle Act doesn't allow for the use of red-light cameras in New Brunswick.