New Brunswick floodwaters expected to start receding

The flooding in central New Brunswick is finally stabilizing after reaching record levels on the weekend.
But, as those waters start to calm, the extent of damage caused in areas cut off by rising water is also starting to become clear.
Pictures recently posted on social media show cottages, trailers and recreational vehicles floating away.
The owners of buildings that survived floods in 1973 and 2008 say this time the waters are higher than ever.

Water levels will remain above flood stage in many areas including Saint John, Maugerville and Fredericton, where the water levels were measured at just under 8 metres yesterday afternooon.

The E-M-O cautions the clean-up will be a ''difficult phase,`` noting once water levels are below flood stage, it could still take days or weeks before it's safe for some people to return home.

Schools in the Anglophone West School District that remain closed include Barker's Point Elementary School, Sunbury West School, Cambridge-Narrows School, Chipman Forest Avenue School and Chipman Elementary School. There's no busing for students in the Maugerville area

The Trans-Canada Highway between Fredericton and Moncton has been closed since last Thursday. And the floodwaters have cut off all roads around the community of Chipman, though crews are working to upgrade a route so that emergency vehicles have access to the community.

Free Transit as well as the Park and Ride Shuttle Service will continue in Fredericton until at least tomorrow.