New Brunswickers lost $1.4 million to frauds and scams in 2017: Report

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says New Brunswickers lost $1.4 million last year to frauds and scams.

However, the province says that number is likely much larger as financial fraud is highly under-reported.

The top complaints to the centre in 2017 were phishing emails following by extortion and identity fraud.

The most expensive frauds were wire fraud, romance scams and prize fraud.

Marissa Sollows, acting director of education and communications for the Financial and Consumer Services Commission, says victims are often too ashamed to report when they have lost money in a fraud.

She says fraudsters count on this hoping you will not notify authorities.


Top frauds targeting New Brunswickers in 2017 (from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre)


Total New Brunswick complaints: 185
Total New Brunswick victims: 76
Reported loss: The financial loss comes after the fact if the stolen personal information is used


Total New Brunswick complaints: 163
Total New Brunswick victims: 12
Reported loss: $22,513

Identity Fraud

Total New Brunswick complaints: 118
Total New Brunswick victims: 100
Reported loss: $69,310

Wire Fraud

Total New Brunswick complaints: 8
Total New Brunswick victims: 1
Reported loss: $761,902

Romance Fraud

Total New Brunswick complaints: 18
Total New Brunswick victims: 9
Reported loss: $168,184

Prize Scam

Total New Brunswick complaints: 62
Total New Brunswick victims: 15
Reported loss: $135,469