New committee to build relationships between government, labour movement

New Brunswick has created a new steering committee in an effort to build stronger relationships between government and the labour movement.

The steering committee is made up of five ministers and four representatives from labour, including:

  • Treasury Board President Roger Melanson;
  • Finance Minister Cathy Rogers;
  • Health Minister Benoît Bourque;
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser;
  • Patrick Colford — New Brunswick Federation of Labour;
  • Daniel Legere — Canadian Union of Public Employees;
  • Lana Payne — UNIFOR; and
  • Paula Doucet — New Brunswick Nurses Union.

The committee will oversee five working groups that will exchange ideas and make recommendations to government where consensus exists.

The groups will examine labour policy, social policy, pay equity, training and upskilling, and outsourcing.

Officials say the next step will be to launch a task force to examine the outsourcing of non-clinical services.