Officer tells court his boss told him to lie

A retired Saint John police officer cried while testifying that he was told to lie on the stand at Dennis Oland's first murder trial Monday.

Retired Staff-Sergeant Mike King repeated an allegation that ignited controversy during that trial.

King was testifying at Oland's retrial for the second-degree murder of his multi-millionaire father, Richard.

King told the judge-only retrial that his boss, Inspector Glen McCloskey, suggested he alter his testimony and refrain from saying in court that McCloskey had visited the crime scene.

The retired officer told the court he was offended by McCloskey's request in 2014.

King says he told McCloskey he hadn't lied in court in 32 years and he wasn't about to start misleading the justice system.

During the first trial, McCloskey denied asking King to alter his testimony, though he admitted to visiting the bloody crime scene twice.