Ontario garbage worker plans to retire to defunct N.B. jail

An Ontario garbage worker has decided to retire to the Big House – a defunct New Brunswick jail with a history of hangings.

Bill Steele of Oshawa just bought the former jail in Dorchester – listed for $159,900 – which was decommissioned more than 20 years ago and features 15 original cells.

The 50-year-old man plans to take up residence once the deal closes in a couple of months, and may start a museum in part of the historic building.

Two infamous convicted murderers, brothers Arthur and Daniel Bannister, were hanged at the jail and buried in the backyard.

Steele says he's always had a passion for antiques and "morbid stuff," and wanted to retire somewhere unconventional, near where his father grew up in Pictou, N.S.

The 1,200 square metre building features a brick facade with many rectangular energy-efficient windows, which replaced the jail's original windows.