People's Alliance party pledges 'major' changes to motor vehicle system

The People's Alliance of New Brunswick is pledging to overhaul the province's motor vehicle system if elected next year.

Leader Kris Austin says his party will end the provincial vehicle tax on the private sale of used vehicles.

He says the practice causes "undue financial hardship" on New Brunswickers and makes it harder for people to sell their vehicles.

"The way used vehicles are taxed by the government is a major concern," he says. "In many cases taxes are being applied far beyond the cost of purchase, which is unfair to the buyer and difficult for the seller."

Austin is also pledging to scrap the "redundant" front license plate requirement, which he says costs taxpayers $500,000 a year, and eliminate annual vehicle registrations.

"You will only need to register your vehicle upon purchase – abolishing the yearly vehicle registration renewal," he says. "This will save individuals more money which will be reinvested back into the economy."

The party says the changes, unveiled at a rally in Miramichi on Saturday, will be included in their 2018 election platform.

The next New Brunswick provincial election is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 24, 2018.