Plenty of support for new aquatics facility in Fredericton: poll

A new poll suggests most residents in the Fredericton area believe a new aquatics facility is important to the region.

The Corporate Research Associates survey says 81 per cent of respondents indicate that a new facility is important, with 32 per cent saying the issue is critically important.

Meanwhile, 18 per cent indicate that building a new facility is not very important or not at all important.

CRA says older residents are more likely than their younger counterparts to favour a new aquatics centre.

"Perhaps not surprisingly, most residents believe it is important, if not critical, to have a new aquatic centre built for the Greater Fredericton area," said chairman and CEO Don Mills.

The University of New Brunswick is shutting down its Sir Max Aitken Pool next fall, and there is currently no plan in place to replace the facility.

Users of the 40-metre pool have said that competitive swim and dive teams will be put at risk unless a solution is found.

"With such strong support for a new aquatic centre, the various levels of government must now find a way to fund such a project," said Mills.