Police checkstops Saturday during National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day

RCMP in New Brunswick will be conducting checkstops Saturday as part of National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day.

Cpl. Ryan Lewis says impaired driving remains the number one criminal cause of death in Canada.

Mounties say 64 people were killed in 58 collisions in New Brunswick last year — and nearly one-third of those collisions involved alcohol or drugs.

Lewis says officers can issue immediate seven-day licence suspensions to drivers with a blood alcohol content between 0.05 and 0.08.

Under legislation passed Nov. 1, the length of the suspension will increase with each ensuing offence, and drivers could have their vehicle impounded for up to a week.

Drivers with a blood alcohol content over 0.08 will have their vehicle impounded for at least 30 days on the spot, and there's a mandatory seven-day vehicle impoundment period for novice drivers who violate the zero-tolerance rule.

Lewis says the RCMP have issued 49 licence suspensions and impounded more than 24 vehicles since the new rules came into effect.

A $95-per-month alcohol ignition interlock is now mandatory for anyone convicted of impaired driving in New Brunswick.

Police can also now suspend drivers for 24 hours at roadside if they're found to be unfit to drive for a medical or other reason.