Precautionary boil water advisory issued at Parlee Beach

A boil water advisory is in effect at Parlee Beach. 

CBC News reports the advisory has been issued as a precaution after a park employee didn't follow proper procedure when watering the grass at the provincial park. 

Park official Allen Bard tells CBC News an employee shut off a switch, which ensures well water is cleared of coliform bacteria, after thinking the chlorine might harm the grass.  

Bard says this is not the case and adds that he will ensure all park employees get proper training to avoid any future incidents like this one. 

CBC News reports the park employee also later accidentally shut down the entire system, and the park's showers and water fountains were shut off for part of the day as a result. 

Signs asking visitors to refrain from drinking the water at Parlee Beach appeared Thursday, while the advisory is expected to remain in effect until at least Monday. 

~ With files from CBC News.