Premier announces Early Learning and Child Care Action Plan

Premier Brian Gallant has announced the Early Learning and Child Care Action Plan, which includes the creation of a child care registry.

The action plan details how the government "will make investments to transform the system", while the registry aims to act as a one-stop shop for families to register their children for available child care spaces and apply for subsidies online.

An Infant Operating Grant is also being created to offset the operational costs of infant care, with government saying it will provide $10 per occupied infant space per day.

In terms of accessibility, the province is looking to designate more than 300 child care facilities as New Brunswick Early Learning Centres and increase the number of infant spaces across the province by 200, both by 2020.

The plan also includes a wage boost for trained early childhood educators over four years, beginning in 2019-20, from $16 an hour to $19 an hour by 2022-23. 

Government says today’s (Tuesday's) announcement is part of a three-year, $71 million early learning and child care agreement between Ottawa and the province.