Protests at Canada Post facility on Waggoners Lane

There were protests at the Canada Post facility on Waggoner's Lane in Fredericton this morning.

In an e-mail to our newsroom, Canada Post says, "we can confirm individuals were illegally obstructing the movement of mail/parcels at our plant in Fredericton between approximately 5 am and 8:45 am."

The crown corportation also said the protest was undertaken by people with no affiliation to Canada Post and none of its employees were involved.

In a phone call to our newsroom, CUPE NB President Danny Legere confirmed the protestors were a combination of CUPE members, other labour groups and concerned citizens, with members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers specifically excluded.

He says the demonstration was to protest what he called the errosion of postal workers' constitutional rights by the Trudeau government.

He rebuffed Canada Post's position, saying the protestors were peacefully upholding their right to protest under the constitution, adding no one was arrested.

Fredericton Police were unavailable for comment prior to publication.