Province advises New Brunsickers to be cautious when buying vehicles from regions hit by flooding

Government is advising New Brunswickers to use caution when buying vehicles from flood-affected areas. 

The province says flood branded vehicles are considered non-repairable and cannot be registered in New Brunswick. 

Government offers several tips to help people looking to check vehicles for flood damage, which includes asking to see the vehicle registration, obtaining a vehicle history report, having a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle, and asking the seller directly whether the vehicle has been damaged with the answer in writing. 

The province says flood-damaged vehicles pose a safety risk because their main systems may no longer work properly, such as the engine, transmission, brakes, electronic equipment, and air bags, while occupants might also develop health problems caused by the growth of mould and bacteria in the vehicle.

The province advised New Brunswickers in a news release yesterday to also be careful when buying appliances without knowing their history.