Province says five roads remain closed, some detours still in place following spring flood

The province says five roads remain closed while some detours are still in place following the spring flood. 

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser says over the course of the flood, 160 transportation assets were affected, while 148 of those assets have been identified for remedial work after being covered by a significant amount of water for more than a week.  

Government says all major transportation links have been re-established, while there are still a number of detours in place with engineers identifying the work required to make them safe. 

The Five roads that remain closed include Route 144, near the Edmundston city limits, Deschênes Road, near Rivière-Verte, Des Chalets Street in Edmundston, Route 690 near Lakeville Corner, and Starkey Road near Codys. 

The province says barricades on the closed roads should be obeyed.