Province to introduce new cycling legislation 'within a couple of weeks'

The Gallant government is promising to introduce new cycling safety legislation in the days to come.

The so-called Ellen's Law would require motorists to give cyclists at least one metre of space on roads and highways.

Government house leader Rick Doucet told CTV Atlantic the new legislation is coming very soon.

"The introduction should be within a couple of weeks," said Doucet, "and within the coming months, it will be law."

The text of the new legislation has yet to be released, but the government says it will require motorists to allow for at least a metre of space when passing a cyclist.

Cycling safety has become an issue following the December death of promising competitive biker Ellen Watters near Sussex.

Along with the legislation, the government says it will roll out a public education program to convince motorists of the need to share the road with cyclists.

With files from CTV Atlantic