Relish Gourmet Burgers closes its doors

A well-known gourmet burger restaurant has closed its doors for good after seven years.

Co-founder Rivers Corbett said in a Facebook post that the business will also be filing for bankruptcy in the coming days.

Corbett said about three years ago, he and co-founder Chef Ray Henry sold a large majority of shares to a Turkish investment group.

"We embraced their offer to grow Relish nationally and internationally as this group not only had significant funds to invest but also vast experience in growth expertise," he said.

"Unfortunately, under the management of the new group, these plans did not transpire as we had projected."

Corbett said the company has been "increasingly stressed" over the last year dealing with its multiple locations in Fredericton, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Edmonton and Vancouver.

"Unfortunately however, time and decisions have caught up with the team," he said.

Corbett said they were able to stay open longer than expected thanks to the support they received from clients at their Fredericton locations.