Roads in rough shape

Police in the region are reminding motorists to slow down as road conditions are still quite slippery after last week's snow and ice.

RCMP Cpl. Nick Arbour tells CTV News that drivers are deceived when they see that it's a sunny day and they don't really realize there are sections of the road that are really jam packed and rutted and trenched with ice.

Despite efforts from plow and salt truck operators, freezing temperatures in New Brunswick and throughout the Maritimes are making for a difficult drive on roads and highways in the region.

While there are portions of Highway 2 that are bare, other areas are pretty much covered and the Mounties responded to several calls over the weekend about vehicles leaving the road.

The speed limit of 110 km/h on the Trans-Canada is likely too fast for conditions right now and Cpl. Arbour says there were about nine collisions on one section of road on Highway 2 between Oromocto and Jemseg within 24 hours.

Police say luckily, there were only minor injuries reported in the accidents.