SPCA mourns loss of Tiny: New Brunswick's former fat cat

A former fat cat whose weight-loss journey made headlines around the world has died.

The Fredericton SPCA confirmed the passing of Tiny in a news release on Friday afternoon.

Tiny, the former 30-plus-pound cat, was one of two felines left in a box at the Fredericton SPCA adoption centre in Dec. 2011.

His obesity made news around the world and he educated the public on proper pet nutrition during his year-long weight-loss journey, which was the foundation for Tiny's Medical Fund.

The fund initially supported Tiny's specialized vet care and dietary needs and expanded to pay for other special cases that require extensive and expensive procedures.

Tiny also became the first animal in the history of the province to be presented on the floor of the New Brunswick legislature.

Karen McGeean, marketing and development director for the Fredericton SPCA, said Tiny's passing was a shock to all who knew and loved him.

McGeean said Tiny's story emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for all pets.

"While he has done very well since losing and successfully keeping off the weight with the help of his amazing foster/adoptive mom, we recognize that he was elderly and we were all able to give him a healthy, happy life to the end," she said.

Annette James, the SPCA's director of operations, said Tiny's legacy will live on through his public awareness campaigns and Tiny's Medical Fund.

Memorial donations are being accepted at the Fredericton SPCA on Hilton Road or at The Pet Funeral Home on Riverside Drive, where Tiny's arrangements are being handled.