Spring weight restrictions begin in southern N.B

Spring weight restrictions begin this weekend in southern New Brunswick.

Officials say the restrictions will begin at midnight on Sunday night in southern New Brunswick.

They'll start at midnight next Sunday night in northern New Brunswick.

The restrictions will continue until midnight on the night of May 14 in the south, and May 21 in the north.

Transportation Minister Bill Fraser said the weight limits ensure roads do not suffer damage during the annual frost and thaw cycle.

Officials say the dates are subject to change depending on weather conditions.

For the purpose of the restrictions, northern New Brunswick includes:

  • the area lying within the counties of Northumberland, Gloucester, Restigouche, Madawaska and Victoria;
  • the portion of Route 108 within York County;
  • the portion of Gordon Vale Road and Holtville Road within York County;
  • the portion of Route 123 within Sunbury County and Queens County;
  • the portion of Bloomfield Ridge Road between Holtville Road and Route 625; and
  • the portion of Route 625 between Gordon Vale Road and Route 8.