Stray kitten using Lego wheelchair to scoot around with littermates

A stray kitten that was found in a New Brunswick farmer's barn with two broken legs is being given a second chance, thanks to a lot of care and some Lego ingenuity.

'Champ' was rescued by Cat Rescue Maritimes after being discovered in the barn in Sussex just over a week ago.

Terry Peck of the group's Sussex chapter told Global News she was sure the disabled kitten would have to be euthanized, but says they were unable to part ways after he started wagging his tail and she fell for him.

Peck says Champ is forced to scoot around powered only by his front limbs since his hind legs are twisted around and not usable.

She says Champ's foster parents decided to use some Lego and build him a little wheelchair out of the plastic blocks.

The gizmo has allowed Champ to get around with his littermates, using a red sock cut into a tiny sweater to prevent the harness from chafing his body.