Student alliance hopes to tackle 'systemic barriers' in post-secondary sector

The New Brunswick Student Alliance is proposing reforms to tackle what it calls systemic barriers in the post-secondary sector.

Student leaders from across the province are meeting with government stakeholders in Fredericton this week as part of the alliance's annual Advocacy Week.

The alliance says its main priority is necessary funding to improve mental health outcomes for post-secondary students.

"The government could not have been clearer in its throne speech that evidence-driven, technology-based intervention programs like the ones we are supporting are key to its mandate," said executive director Robert Burroughs.

"We look forward to their support and investment in the well-being of New Brunswick's post-secondary students."

The group is also calling on the province to invest in trauma-informed sexual violence support services on campuses, and to take an active role in responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action by supporting and participating in decolonization processes.

Sara Camus, chair of the alliance's board, says they are strongly encouraged by the government's renewed commitment to actioning consequential change to the education system.

"We anticipate with pleasing expectation that government will adopt our proposals," said Camus.