Toxic blue-green algae killed three New Brunswick dogs: health officials

Health officials in New Brunswick have confirmed three dogs that quickly died after being in or near the Saint John River were killed by toxins in a type of blue-green algae.

Witnesses say two of the dogs suffered convulsions and vomiting after playing near the water at Carleton Park near Fredericton on July 22, and another dog died July 20 at a Hartt Island campground, about 10 kilometres from the park.

Officials in Fredericton issued a statement today saying the dogs had ingested the algae.

The officials are warning people not to let their pets swim where there is an algae bloom, and they're also warning people not to enter the river if they have open wounds or cuts.

Swimmers are also being warned not to swallow the water, and to bathe afterwards.

However, the officials say that while it has been determined that blue-green algae is present in some areas of the Saint John River, they are not saying people should avoid using the river for recreational purposes.