UNB Student Union reacts to decision to eliminate Don position

The UNB Student Union says it's concerned about the university's decision to eliminate the Don position within university residences.

Vice-president external Katie Beers said the live-in staff will be replaced with three full-time residence life coordinators, who will each manage three to four residences.

The changes, announced in late February, include the creation of a Residence Fellow to support students' academics.

Beers said the changes could severly and negatively impact the residence life experience for students.

"The combination of insufficient consultations and weak communications only encourages students distrust for these changes," she said in a news release.

A senior proctor will be hired for each residence, but Beers said she believed they won't be properly compensated for the increased responsibilities they will take on.

The Student Union has sent a formal letter to university administration outlining their concerns.