**Updated** Officials say two moose euthanized after becoming stranded due to floodwaters

**Updated at 2:37 p.m. on May 10th**

Wildlife officials say animals could suffer lasting effects from record-breaking floods in New Brunswick.

Pam Novak of the Atlantic Wildlife Institute says the temporary loss of habitat displaced animals and made food inaccessible.

She says some rodents and other small mammals likely also couldn't escape the rising floodwaters.

Novak says that could reduce the amount of food for predators that feed on the prey species.

The vast amounts of water have also forced larger animals away from their usual dwellings as they seek out dry land.

A provincial wildlife biologist says they were forced to euthanize two moose near Jemseg earlier this week after they became stranded on the Trans-Canada Highway.
Dwayne Sabine says the animals were starving and weak and couldn't be shepherded off the bridge.
He says shooting them was a last resort.