Women's council applauds new domestic violence legislation

Premier Brian Gallant introduced the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act last week, saying more must be done to end gender-based, domestic violence.

Gallant said the proposed law would allow victims to apply for an emergency order to obtain remedies to respond to their circumstances.

Those remedies include exclusive occupation of the home, temporary possession of personal property, no-contact provisions and temporary custody of children, as well as the seizure of any weapons.

Jody Dallaire, co-chair of the women's council, said the emergency orders will address many of the barriers that victims face when trying to leave an abusive relationship.

"Too often, fleeing violence means losing access to your home and your possessions, even your children," said Dallaire, "and under those conditions, women may not be able to leave."

New Brunswick is one of only four Canadian jurisdictions that do not have domestic or intimate partner violence legislation that allows for such orders.