• Call the Tooth Fairy

    It's not the pain that hurts, it's the expectation! Sometimes all you need is for someone to give it that little tap.
  • Life Coach

    Turn on the subtitles for this one. This coach drops some truths on this reporter. His face is priceless!
  • Sea Lion Attack

    If you've ever seen what a sea lion does to a penguin, you might not sit calmly 2 feet from one or stick your hand in its face. Top kudos to the dude who jumped in though!
  • 105-Year-Old Doctor

    This doctor has had an amazing life. He was in WW2, he met Saddam Hussein and he still works despite being over 100! Inspiring!
  • Cornell covering Prince

    The rock world lost one of its giants last week. To remember Chris Cornell, here's a video of him interpreting a song from another musical genius who passed away too young last year.
  • Kitchen Music

    Father and son doing what they love. Just don't wonder what happened when the oven door falls off after 6 months.
  • Roast Cuisine

    Who doesn't a good roast, slowly cooking in the ov... what? Not that kind of roast? Guess I'll have to watch this video to learn a new type of roasting!
  • One song fourteen pianists

    Why play a song by yourself when you can invite 13 of your friends to help you out? Just make sure no one is messing up the keys with their greasy fingers !
  • Butchery 101

    This is a very well made video about all the different beef meat cuts. WARNING: do not watch this if you're a vegetarian, you might faint!
  • Sleepy dog

    This dog pretty much goes from 3 to 4 battery life lines to none, in a second!
  • Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle

    This disgusting creature will go through a few changes before becoming a huge and impressive beetle. Its metamorphosis is straight out of a scifi movie.
  • Jacques Cartier bridge ceremony

    For its 375th anniversary, the city of Montreal as installed a pretty slick lighting system on the iconic Jacques Cartier bridge. Here's what it looks like in action.