• Everyone Poops, Josie

    Do you have anything in your Wallet or Purse that requires an explanation? Josie told us NO and invited us to go through her Bag. Fuzzy even gives a lesson in Probiotics and their purpose! Haha! Wanna see what's inside? -Tyler, Danaye & Fuzzy

  • #StoryTimeWithJosie: Mother Nature

    Mother Nature is peeved again. #StoryTimeWithJosie

  • Everyone Has A Story - Jodell's Story

    We’re so stoked on Pride tomorrow so we’re going to keep the positivity going with Jodell who has a great message! - Kylee Roman

  • Everyone Has A Story - Bree's Story

    Today we get to meet Bree! She’s a queer women who uses she/ her pronouns and has a lot of information we should all be cognizant about regarding people within the LGBTQ2+ community! #pride - Kylee Roman

  • Everyone Has A Story - Aaryn's Story

    Today's LGBTQ2+ video features Aaryn and Heather. Aaryn is a transgender man and his mom Heather is a bisexual woman who uses she/her pronouns. Getting to meet Aaryn and Heather and hear their stories and experiences definitely made me think back to when I was younger. I WISH I could have been more like Aaryn growing up, he is so unapologetically himself and if I only knew how okay it was to be myself at that age I think I would have faced a lot less of an internal struggle. Thank you Aaryn and Heather, you're both amazing humans <3 - Kylee Roman

  • Yes, You Actually Win What's In The $100,000 Hit Money Trackpot

    Yesterday we bought ALL the Pencils at Staples. Cause if we say "You win 5000 Pencils" in our $100 000 Hit Money Trackpot...we mean it! Listen for 6 chances to score everyday at 8:25, 10:25, 12:25, 2:25, 4:25 and 6:25. -Tyler Hall #985VirginRadio