Name That Hit #4 Guesses

The FOURTH $50,000 Name That Hit was named by Tamara when she guessed Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and scored $1,150!

All the guesses were:


Monday, August 21:
12:10 PM - Lisa guessed Kendrick Lamar, no song title! 
1:10 PM- Kelsey guessed Believer by Imagine Dragons
2:10 PM - Michelle guessed Feels by Pharrell, Calvin Harris & Katy Perry
3:10 PM - Jen guessed ET by Katy Perry
4:10 PM - Leona guessed Starboy by The Weeknd
5:10 PM - Ashley guessed I'm The One by Justin Bieber/DJ Khaled/Chance The Rapper/Quevo

Tuesday, August 22:
6:10 AM- Krista guessed That's What I Like by Bruno Mars
7:10 AM- Jessica guessed The Hills by The Weeknd
8:10 AM- Nicole guessed Umbrella by Rihanna
9:10 AM- Kenny guessed Paris by The Chainsmokers
10:10 AM- Kristie guessed Wild Thoughts by Rihanna and DJ Khaled
11:10AM - Becky guessed Unforgettable by French Montana 
12:10PM - Dylan guessed Signs by Drake 
1:10PM - Tamara guessed Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and got it RIGHT and won $1150.


New Hit and $500 Cashpot today at 2:10PM.