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  • It's Going To Snow: The Musical

    Here’s a little musical warning about what to expect tomorrow when Calgary gets buried in 15 cm of snow. CALGARY WHY ARE YOU THIS WAY? - Josie Balka #985VirginRadio #TheJosieShow

  • Frozen 2 Calgary

    The ‘Frozen 2’ trailer dropped today and it’s crazy cause it takes place right here in Calgary. - Josie Balka #985VirginRadio #TheJosieShow

  • Josie's BACK!!

    Was gone for a little and now am BACK! Here’s a little synopsis of what happened. Ps: if you’re a nurse or KNOW a nurse at South Health Campus or anywhere else my LAWD you do God’s work - Josie Balka #985VirginRadio #TheJosieShow