The VIRGIN Morning Show

The VIRGIN Morning Show with Tyler, Danaye and Fuzzy. Waking you up with the best Hit Music, everything that's Trending and the latest Celebrity Sleaze. Check out Blown Off every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:10 & 8:10, Whatcha Doin' At The Courthouse every day at 7:40 and the MOST Non Stop Hit Music to start your day and kick off your Workday!

  • Everyone Poops, Josie

    Do you have anything in your Wallet or Purse that requires an explanation? Josie told us NO and invited us to go through her Bag. Fuzzy even gives a lesson in Probiotics and their purpose! Haha! Wanna see what's inside? -Tyler, Danaye & Fuzzy

  • Yes, You Actually Win What's In The $100,000 Hit Money Trackpot

    Yesterday we bought ALL the Pencils at Staples. Cause if we say "You win 5000 Pencils" in our $100 000 Hit Money Trackpot...we mean it! Listen for 6 chances to score everyday at 8:25, 10:25, 12:25, 2:25, 4:25 and 6:25. -Tyler Hall #985VirginRadio

  • Waxing With Tyler

    Ladies...I feel your pain! Kelly Waxed my Eyebrows this weekend and damn! đŸ˜« Wanna see me scream and squirm? -Tyler Hall #VirginMorningShow