5 Bizarre Rules for the Royal Wedding

If you live under a rock, the royal wedding is this weekend! And if your invitation got lost in the mail don't worry, attending a royal wedding has A LOT of rules. Meghan and Harry issued a seven-page instruction guide on how one should conduct themselves that day.

  •  Guests are reportedly to use the bathroom between 9 and 11 a.m. the morning of the wedding, as "there are very limited toilet facilities in St. George’s Chapel."
  • For those planning to bring gifts — even though the royals asked you not to! — the rules state arrangements must be made to have the presents delivered to the family home, not to the wedding itself.
  • All those attending the private proceedings of the day must "surrender mobile telephones and any devices used for image capture" ahead of time (...duh).
  • Also ummmm "no swords." (What about those little ones that go in sandwiches though?)
  • Passports are a must, though,

and hats are encouraged! (Of course)