A Distillery Just Made Beaver Flavoured Whiskey From A Beavers Butt

Tamworth Distillery in New Hampshire  has just launched beaver flavoured whiskey....by secreating it from it's butt *pukes in mouth* trumpeted a new line of bourbon flavored with the product, which is known as castoreum.

I guess it used to be used way back in the day for perfumes and alot of people have said but wait...is it safe?? But the company’s press material says it discovered castoreum on a list of safe food additives and decided to experiment with it: “The sac excretion exhibits bright and fruit qualities (raspberry) and rich leathery notes along with creamy vanilla aroma. ... The result is a rich, full bodied 2-year bourbon that bolsters a vanillic nose and fruity, floral finish – a medley of charming flavors that are sure to impress.”


haha alrighty then!