A Guy Fed His Girl Chicken Nuggets While She Got Her Nails Done

This is the kind of support we all need in our relationship TBH.

Lea spotted the pair and tweeted out this photo and the internet is shook, as the kids say.

Apparently the manicurist is the boy’s mother and this was her first time meeting his girlfriend WHICH MAKES IT EVEN MORE AWH-ABLE.


Redefining your standards for relationships: Find you a boy with a mama who will give you a free manicure and who feeds you nugs while she does it.

The couple, 23-year-old Aubrey Yip and 25-year-old Sam Huynh, have been identified. And they think their moment of viral fame has been "absolutely fun," Yip told BuzzFeed News.

Aubrey is apparently prepping for a powerlifting competition which is why she had her nails did.


Hey, das bae 👋 #thereveal #igofficial

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But let’s be real, this is an excuse for the rest of us. If a powerlifter can eat nuggets, then call me a powerlift. #fitspo