App Helps McDonalds Customers Find a Working Ice Cream Machine

It`s late at night and you`ve got a HANKERING for ice cream. So of course you roll up in the drive through and the conversation goes like this:

“Hi there, can I grab a small Oreo Mcflurry?”

“I’m sorry ma’am but our ice cream machine is down”


If this sounds too familiar, you’re not alone. It’s Mcdonald’s number one online complaint. But an app is looking to fix it!

Dubbed Ice Check, the app — which is available for Apple iOS devices — allows users to search for the nearest McDonald’s &  shows you the status of their ice cream machine. And if you happen to be the unlucky customer who discovers a machine is down? Save your fellow McD’s lovers some trouble by marking the location as “off.”

This just made your summer pregnancy SLIGHTLY more bearable!

I’m lovin’ it.