Barista LOSES IT over Unicorn Frappuccinos ... and it's delightful!

Braden is having NONE of this!! And hopes you'll think twice before ordering one of these complicated and trendy fraps...


#unicornfrappuccino @Starbucks So this happened at work today 🦄

— Braden Burson (@iambburson) April 20, 2017

He has since deleted the video ... but to sum it up he said 


Apparently ANY frap is pretty complicated to make, but this one has all those extra finishing touches that lead to sticky hands, unicorn dust in hair, on face AND a tonne of stress trying to keep up with the vast number of them that are being ordered!

We've all had those rant sessions in our car after a long stressful day - this was just one of those ... but with some John Mayer music at the end to calm things down.