Bruno Mars Had To Temporarily Stop His Show In Glasgow Because Of A Stage Fire.

He's too hot (...see what I did there)! Bruno Mars had to stop a gig in Glasgow when his stage lights caught fire.

He was four songs into his set at Glasgow Green when the on-stage fireworks set the lighting rig ablaze.

Bruno Mars is on FIRE 🔥😍 (no, seriously... they’ve had to temporarily stop the show because of the fireworks 🎇...) thanks to the team for extinguishing 👨‍🚒🚒

— Amber Zoe (@imamberzoe) July 10, 2018

And then he came on and ad libbed a song about it! Damn, he's good!

#BrunoMars confirms the stage went on fire here at Glasgow Green due to a pyrotechnic which forced a temporary pause in the show. He then sings “we burned the stage down in Glasgow”. @BrunoMars

— Connor Gillies (@ConnorGillies) July 10, 2018