Cockroach Milk Is The Latest Superfood Trend

I am so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this....A group of scientists thinks that drinking cockroach milk is a good idea. Apparently, the bug juice that the Pacific Beetle cockroaches feed to their babies is full of protein, fat and sugar. and is apparently on the way to becoming the next superfood trend- i'm talking COCKROACH MILK lining your local grocery store aisles!!

However there is some good news! It currently comes out in crystals...and scientists haven't yet figured out a way to liquify it yet...thank god

Apparently it's not an easy task either...I guess it takes up 1000 cockraoches just to make 100 grams of milk....BUT HOW DO YOU MILK A COCKROACH!?

Things I didn't thing I'd be asking myself today....