Edmonton Area Breeder Donating A 3 Legged St Bernese Pup

An Edmonton-area dog breeder is looking for someone to adopt an 11-week-old Bernese mountain puppy after it was born with three legs.

There's just one twist...he's gotta go to someone with their own physical disability.

The breeder Jennifer Stroesser, out of Myrnam near St. Paul. came into the world needing a little extra attention! Thor (what a lil bean!!) was only born with 3 legs, after some more one on one time Thor has become ultra cuddly being bottle fed. Jenniffer Stroesser who sells the bernese pups for around $2500 thought to herself that donating the pup to someone just like Thor might be a pretty remarkable thing to do! She reached out to The War Amps and different places, and spoke with a councillor who works with families with disabilities but wasn't able to find a family that could take him...so she took to the internet!!

“It’s always nice to have someone just like you, so you’re not always the person left out or feeling different all the time. You’re different and so is your dog and you’re different together,” said Slessor.

Slessor’s daughter has a physical limitation and her dog is missing a leg. She said her puppy gave her daughter someone to relate to.

Let's find Thor the perfect home!!

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