Find Doug A Date! IT COULD BE YOU

Poooor Doug. He bought 2 tickets to see Garth Brooks in September and he`s only one ticket. So he`s looking for a date! But in an interesting way: running a contest on Facebook. Check it out:

"Hi for the purpose of this my name is Doug. I'm a 30 year old regular dude living in Calgary, Alberta.

I'm a huge country fan and a fan of Garth brooks however I am not a huge fan of being single so what did I do? I bought two Garth Brooks tickets and I'm looking for a date to his September 9th show in Calgary, Alberta.

The seats are decent and me well I'm at least a 6.5 out of 10 maybe a seven.

So here's the deal I don't want or expect anything in return however if we hit it off we'd have a great story to tell about "How We Met" right? If we go and don't hit it off oh well we've both gotten to take in a great concert.

So about the photo? No my tickets are not meet and great but you never know may Garth will see this and bring us up on stage to sing "The Red Strokes" with him?

So if you want to come send a message to this page with a little about you and a photo and I'll send you the same.

Deadline August 31, 2017"

Is he crazy to be doing this OR cool way to score a date? Bet you he got more messages than a girl on Tinder.

Would you go on a date with Doug? FREE GARTH BROOKS TIKCETS WOULD DO IT FOR ME!