Gas Is Only 32 Cents/Litre In Bragg Creek Right Now

Who hasn't stopped at the Shell on the corner of Bragg Creek just west of the city? It usually means a few of your fave things are happening, usually including an adventure out to the mountains or a drive to get ice cream while blasting your favourite tunes or maybe camping! 

Well theat business has been there since 1932 and to celebrate their last day of business they decided to be the kindest and allow for a bogo blowout on gas! at 32 cents per litre! It's almost like a "drink the bar fry" kind of thing! They started those prices at 3pm today and will go for as long as it lasts. If you're looking for some cheap gas and maybe an excuse to take bae out for a nice drive and don't mind the lines it's seriously a steal of a deal!

Thanks Shell Bragg Creek for all the memories!!